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Aaron Crow              KC Royals                      12th Overall

Nate Hedrick            NY Mets                          8th Round

Blair Johnson          Pirates                             1st Round


DJ Belfonte               Rockhurst                       Nebraska

David Freeman         LHS                               Barton/Kanas

Anthony Dreiling      FSHS                             Barton/Emporia St

Jordan Dreiling        FSHS                             Kansas

Brett McBride           LHS                               Barton/Emporia St

Andy Urban             LHS                                Hutch

Chase Dengel         Ottawa                            Baker

Caleb Gress            FSHS                              Neosho

John Wilson           FSHS                              Colorado School of Mines

Drew Scieber         Blue Springs                   East Carolina

Jack Monahan      SM South                        Dartmouth

Austin Holt            Blue Springs                  Barton/Missouri

Aaron Rea            LHS                                Cowley County

Tyler Bailey          LHS                                Pratt/Hutch

Joe Kornbrust       LHS                                Pratt/Emporia St

Ryan Anthony      SM South                       Barton/Emporia St

Jake Green          LHS                                Baker

Kyle Grimes        LHS                                Knox College

Dorian Green      LHS                                Colorado State (Basketball)

Travis Blankenship     FSHS                      Johnson County/Kansas

Brain Heere         LHS                               Kansas

Mike Bell             Park Hill South              Barton County/Rockhurst

Travis Crow         Wahburn Rural               Missouri/Barton

Scott Reller         Columbia Rock              Hutchinson/Central Missouri