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Where they are now

Welcome to Triple Play Academy

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Where they are now

Current Players

Albert Minnis               Wichita State
Alex Cox                    Pratt CC
Ryan Morris                Pratt CC
Andy Urban                 Creighton
Kyle Grimes                Knox
Chase Dengel              Baker
Landon Mosely            Northern Colorado
Austin Willard              Ottawa
Tyler Christensen         Ottawa
Adam Giacalone          Neosho
Aaron Rea                   Wichita St
Aaron Crow                  KANSAS CITY ROYALS
Travis Blankenship        Tri-City                     (A)  Astros
Brian Heere                  Lake County             (A) Indians
Ben Carlson                 Lake County              (A) Indians

Shane Wedd                   NE Texas Community College
Eric Thompson                Pratt Community College
Daniel Dulin                    Hutch Community College
Ryan Goodwin                Jackson State
Brett McBride                  Barton County
Scott Reller                     Central Missouri St
Nate Thompson               Hutch Community College